About ACD Provisional Secretariat

The Provisional Secretariat is the administrative organ of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue. It functions as the office of administrative coordination and serve as an official channel of communication within ACD and between ACD and other regional and international agencies.

The Secretariat serve as a focal point in preparing and organizing ACD meetings and activities, including provide administrative and technical support, as well as prepare and circulate meeting documents upon request.

The Secretariat was originally established from the ACD Charter by the initiative of HH the Amir of the State of Kuwait to serve as a mechanism for advance development of the organization. The Provisional Secretariat was inaugurated in October 2013 with its Headquarter in Kuwait city, the State of Kuwait.

Office Mission

The Provisional Secretariat’s mission is to provide an effective administration and management. Coordinate with relevant regional/international organizations for research and documentation on issues that are of interest to the ACD and ACD Member States such as development, economics, finance, etc. Promote the ACD’s roles and activities through ACD website, other media outlets and outreach programmes.

Office Vision

The Provisional Secretariat’s vision is to facilitate the effective exchange of information between Member States, Prime and Co-Prime Mover of areas of cooperation, and external (private and non-government) organization to shape interaction and inform of decision-making.

In the future, the Secretariat will undergo institutionalization, transforming its office to the Permanent Secretariat to serve a as centre of communication and support extended tasks for a more extensive cooperation of the organization.