News & Events

ACD Activities

  1. The 2nd ACD Working Group Meeting on Inclusive and Sustainable Development
  2. ACD High-Level Roundtable Meeting of ACD University Network (ACD-UN)
  1. 15th ACD Ministerial Meeting, 16-17 January 2017, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  2. ACD High-Level Meeting on Asia Academic Collaboration, Bangkok, Thailand
  3. Role of Renewables in Enhancing the Water, Energy and Food Nexus
  4. 2nd ACD Tourism Ministers Meeting, Siem Reap, Cambodia
  5. ACD Conference towards Energy Security, Sustainability and Resiliency and the 2nd ACD Energy Working Group Meeting, Bohol, Philippines
  6. The 1st ACD Working Group Meeting on Promoting Approaches to Inclusive and Sustainable Development and the Training Course on Microcredit and Sufficiency Economy Development, Bangkok, Thailand
  7. Workshop on “ACD Energy Action Plan” Towards Global Energy Challenges”
  1. 2nd Asia Cooperation Dialogue Summit
  2. High Level Study Group (HLSG) on the Establishment of the ACD Secretariat
  3. ACD Business Conference & Young Entrepreneur Innovation Summit
  4. 14th Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) Ministerial Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.
  5. The First ACD Ministerial Meeting on Tourism
  1. 3rd Asia Cultural Forum, Quanzhou, China
  2. Voluntary contribution – financial support fund from China
  3. Senior Officials’ Meeting (ACD SOM) On the Sidelines of the 70th Session of the UNGA
  4. Forum on “One Belt and One Road” Cooperation & Asia Business Conference.
  1. Workshop on Promotion and Standardization of Biofuels in Jakarta
  2. ACD Foreign Ministers' Breakfast Meeting in New York
  3. High Level Forum on ACD Regional Connectivity in Bangkok
  4. 12th ACD Ministerial Meeting in Manama
  5. ATC Award Ceremony in Manama
  6. ATC High Level Meeting in Bahrain
  7. Seminar on Sustainable Hydropower Development in Vientiane
  8. Asia Human Living Treasures in Manila
  9. ACD Forum on Silk Road Cooperation in Lanzhou
  10. Troika in Manama

Activities of ACD Secretary General

  1. Growth Net Conference in Delhi
  2. CICA Summit in Shanghai
  3. Visit to ASEAN and APEC
  4. Ambassadors' Briefing for the ACD Breakfast Meeting in Kuwait
  5. World Chinese Economic Forum in Chongqing