National Day : 19 August 1919, Independent day

General Information

Afghanistan is a landlocked country, neighbouring with Pakistan in the South and East, Iran in the West, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan in the North and China in the North-East. Islam is observed as the main religion. The country is composed of 34 provinces, with Kabul city being the capital.

There are different ethnic groups living in Afghanistan and speaking different languages, Dari and Pashto are official languages of the state, while others have also formal status. The political system of the country is composed of three branches: the Executive body (President), the Legislature or Parliament (102 members in upper house & 249 members in lower house) and the judicial body. As a result of the 2014 Presidential election, a new government represented by all Afghans, termed as Unity Government was formed. In this government a new structure and functions was added for the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, H.E Abdullah Abdullah is the Chief Executive and hence the Head of Council of Ministers, overseeing the daily activities of the Government. Afghani is the bank note currency of Afghanistan.

Fact and Figure

  • Approximately Population: 28.1 Million people (according to Afghanistan Central Statistic organization)
  • Total Area: 652,864 sq km
  • Country calling code is +93

Further Information

Contact information :
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan,
Directorate General of Regional Cooperation,
Website :
Email :
Tel : +93 202106104

ACD Events

  • The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
  • Head of State

    H.E Mohammad Ashraf Ghani

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs

    H.E Salahuddin Rabbani

  • Contact of ACD Mission

    Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Kuwait.
    Surra, Block 6, Surra Street
    Across Surra Co-op Society House No. 16
    P.O. Box 33186
    Rawdah 73452
    Kuwait City
    TELEPHONE : (+965) 2 532 9461 | (+965) 2 532 8156
    FAX : (+965) 2 532 6274
    EMAIL :